El Paso de Robles Chapter, NSDAR

CHAPTER in ACTION                                                                                  El Paso de Robles Chapter, NSDAR hopes to inspire you to attend a chapter social, meeting, event, or activity promoting historic preservation, education and patriotism. Our chapter works as a team, while we learn about each other and our ancestors.                                                              

INtermix                                       At California State Conference Anne Edgecombe Regent, with a few Chapter Board members at Opening Night. The Conference allowed DAR members to intermix it was an honor to meeting Adele Lancaster State Regent.  


INcluded                        El Paso de Robles Chapter, NSDAR Celebrated 70 years of service. Included in the wonderful fellowship between our members was Patti Swayze District Director.


INput                                            Betsy Beatty American History/Youth Contest Chair hears input about the future from Good Citizen winners Isaac Lopez, Sara Lynn Madgett, and Spenser Douglass Degnan, North County High School students.


INitiate                                      El Paso de Robles Chapter, NSDAR celebrates the holidays with a group photo. Anne Edgecombe Regent and Carrie Lovell DAR Service for Veterans Chair honor Romayne Rose for initiating sponsors. 


INvested                                    Chapter members invested hearts, money and time in DAR Service for Veterans. El Paso de Robles Chapter, NSDAR became sponsors for Wreaths Across America, all 350 Veterans graves had a wreath at Templeton Cemetery.


INdebted                                    The program for our November meeting was an activity. Working as chapter filling Project Patriot boxes chapter members talked about how indebted we are to the U.S. military for our freedom and the sacrifices they make.


INvited                                             El Paso de Robles Regent Anne Edgecombe and chapter host District VII Meeting invited and honored guests Susan Broderick CSSDAR Vice Regent, Patti Swayze District Director, speaker Jamie Warner from Mighty Oaks.


INfused                                        Our chapter members were infused by the large turn out of other DAR members from District VII chapters. We enjoyed socializing and making new DAR friends from around the district sharing ideas for chapter projects.


INservice                                    To honor the anniversary of DAR’s founding. Our chapter members donated a bag of groceries for DAR Day of Service at the October meeting. El Paso de Robles Chapter supports, Loaves and Fishes in North County.          


INstrumental                            Sisters Linda and Lisa Wood are instrumental in bringing the chapter together over the summer. The theme was sunflowers, and we were treated to a delicious lunch, lemon filled cake, and ginger cookies homemade.             


INspiring                                    Lisa Wood Commemorative Events Chair with inspiring vision the chapter won 4th of July Templeton parade Sweepstakes Award! Soldiers from Camp Roberts marched with us in historic dress honoring Margaret Corbin.

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