El Paso de Robles Chapter History

El Paso de Robles
In the year 1769, by order of Carlos III, an expedition was formed to explore and claim the territory now known as California for the Spanish Crown, under the leadership of Portola, who was to establish presidios, and with Father Junipero Serra to establish missions. The expedition started in the south near what is now the San Diego area and traveled up the coast north towards what is now the San Francisco area.

Along this historic trail called El Camino Real, The Highway of the King, were founded the 21 missions that make it one of the most historic highways of our country.

Midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the expedition passed through a beautiful valley shaded by large, live oak trees, and they called it "El Paso de Robles," meaning, "The Pass of the Oaks," and from this, our town received its historic name.

The El Paso de Robles Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution was officially organized on February 25, 1950. Mrs. Marie Appleton had been appointed by the Executive Board of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, as Organizing Regent for a new chapter of the DAR in Paso Robles. The chapter was sponsored by the Los Padres Chapter of San Luis Obispo. Seven local members of Los Padres would transfer their memberships to the new Paso Robles Chapter.
At the first meeting DAR California State Regent Mrs. Charles Haskell Danforth assisted by DAR California Organizing Secretary Mrs. Reginald Parry conducted ceremonies. Mrs Estell Marquart past Regent of Los Padres Chapter presented a gavel to the new chapter. Mrs. Danforth spoke to the group the objects and aims of the Daughter of the American Revolution.
El Paso de Robles Chapter Founding Officers 
Regent Mrs. Appleton
Vice Regent Mrs. Hatch
Recording Secretary Mrs. Elliot
Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Adams
Librarian Mrs. Anderson
Treasurer Mrs. Raitt
Historian Mrs Trager
Chaplain Mrs. Elliot

El Paso de Robles Chapter is an active chapter honoring our ancestors who fought for our nation’s independence; we are committed to volunteer service. Our chapter works as a team, while we learn about one another and our ancestors.

El Paso de Robles Chapter celebrated 70 years as part of the DAR on February 25, 2020. We are honored to contribute to the DAR and North County communities through historic preservation, education, and patriotism while making lifelong friends.
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